About Us

About Us

ZZealheight Ores Pvt. Ltd.

ZealHeight Ores established in the year 2012; we operate from Bangalore, India. We are a reliable trading company, involved in import and export of a countless number of commodities spanning most the continents of the world.

Holding offices in Mauritius, Madagascar Singapore and Dubai give us the benefit of local expertise. With other workmanship in most of the business peaks in the world, we have structured ourselves to engage in the congregation of buyers and sellers in the international market. We boast a nexus of dependents and also an excellent reputation in this domain.

With strong sustentation and in-depth knowledge, our variety of product list includes minerals, metals, precious metals, rare earth minerals and agricultural commodities. We also do not demarcate ourselves to explore the various opportunities in trading of distinctive products.

Comprising of a highly experienced support team, we chalk down plans and strategies, through our comprehensive network and ever improving logistics for the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

We have earned approbations for our research on procuring our items of trade from manufacturers meeting the parameters that certify first quality outputs, timely delivery and experience.

We are the members of FKCCI AND FIEO making us a mettle to contribute to the economic growth of the state as well.

As our name connotes, we are passionate and strive hard with persistent efforts to ensure that our vast range of product and services meet the international standards.

ZealHeight Ores Pvt. Ltd is the catalyst reinforcing and redefining the global standards to reach the pinnacle of eminence.


Our Unique Accompaniments:


To have superior quality to co-create the world with a high commitment to reinforce and inculcate changes.

par with excellence in accountability and services of high quality.


Excelling at all aspects of customer service including materials scheduling, equipment consultation, to on time delivery. Our worldwide shipping services efficiently expedite our products to every corner of the globe.

Corporate and Social Responsibility:

Corporate Social responsibility is just not another supplementary activity for our company.

A cutting edge CSR strategy helps our clients comply with the national and international framework.


Our Core Values:


Regardless of personal barriers, we re-negotiate to adjust to the different time frames of our respective clients. We commit ourselves to attain excellence in our decision-making process to deliver high-quality products and services.


We at Zeal Height Ores, follow right-mindedness and ethics, which enable us to perform within the spirit of law. We have an incredible desire to continuously improve and win.


Being our soul value, we executive all our actions with responsibility.

We truly follow “Do What We Say We Will Do.” We unremittingly believe in leading the market by being a Supreme example.

In-depth Knowledge:

We gather in-depth knowledge about the array of the products we deal with on day-to-day basis.

We enjoy sharing our proficiency with our clients for their utmost satisfaction.